Amron's Gourmet Meats LTD Since 2006

Those who want something extra for their meals should look into buying gourmet meat. This is a cut above the competition, coming only from animals that are kept in pristine conditions. Our meat is also free range.

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Our Top Menu Items

Amron’s special samosas

Amron's Special Samosas-
Veg Samosa, Chicken Samosa & Beef Samosa served with Mint & Mango Chutney

Free range burgers
patty & sausages

All sausages and burgers are made in store with all natural meats and fresh ingredients – no fillers, no binders, gluten-free food .
No artificial preservatives, flavours, colours or sweeteners. Only real, good, delicious food for your stomach.

Free Range meats

Chicken Apple, Chicken Rosemary, Lamb Rosemary, Sweet Italian and more

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